Uvex Xact-Fit Replacement Pods (250) 2124.002

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Uvex Xact-Fit Replacement Pods (250) 2124.002

Uvex are a leading supplier of personal protection equipment to a wide range of industrial environments and understand what is involved in protecting people in the workplace.

Replacement pods for the uvex xact-fit.


• Oval, tapered plug shape fits the natural shape of the ear canal for easy comfortable fitting.
• Ergonomic stem marked left and right with thumb indentations for easyfitting.
• Left and right ensures correct insertion and optimum fit.
• Adjustable neck cord for increased security and optimum wearer fit.
• Low pressure sealed PU foam reduces potential contamination for increased hygiene.
• Help prolong the life of the product.
• Suitable for noise exposure up to 97db(A).

£140.10£77.06 £116.75£64.22 ex VAT
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