Rotary 4 Bottle Stand

£55.50 Ref: BAR019


Rotary 4 Bottle Stand.

The Rotary 4 Bottle Stand is the ideal bar top accessory. Simply attach 4 of your favourite spirit bottles to the brackets and you’ve got your very own drink dispenser that will deliver 35ml shots every time! With a solid metal stanchion to support the rotating measures, this spirit dispenser is sure to keep spinning for as long as you can keep drinking! The heavy metal base ensures that no matter how tipsy handed you might get, the Bar Butler will keep standing tall.


  • Revolving unit for easy drink selection.
  • Holds 4 bottles up to 1ltr.
  • Leak proof dispensers pour 35ml shots. (not CE)
  • Solid metal central stanchion with heavy-duty base.
  • 4 spring-loaded holders.
  • Press and pour feature – one handed drink pouring.
  • Rubber retainers to hold bottles in firmly in place.
  • Measures are removable for replacement with different sizes.
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