Riley Velia™ Clear Lens Safety Goggle

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Ref: JEY0066


Riley Velia™ Clear Lens Safety Goggle
VELIA is a safety goggle containing a clear polycarbonate wraparound lens offering 180° field of vision. The pivoting hand strap and soft, padded seal allows for a comfortable fit. An accompanying rubber strap can be used for cleanroom applications. Clear lenses provide true colour recognition and are ideal for general purpose indoor and outdoor work in normal to low light conditions. Features an Anti-fog coating.


  • Wide field of vision.
  • Padded face seal.
  • Strong polycarbonate lens.
  • Soft PVC/TPE frame and comfort fit nose bridge.
  • Quick release head strap.
  • Spare rubber strap for cleanroom use.
  • Adjustable, pivoted elasticated head strap.
  • Molten metal splash protection.
  • Can be worn over a prescription frame.
  • Weight 84g.
£15.86 £13.22 ex VAT
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