MSL Firecheck 5ltr

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MSL Firecheck 5ltr.

MSL Firecheck is a flame retardant spray that will treat anything that will absorb water. Simply apply a fine mist to all exposed surface areas of the article requiring treatment.
It is supplied ready to use and is colourless, odourless and non toxic.


  • Quick & easy to apply.
  • 1 litre covers 10m2.
  • Invisible finish with no sheen.
  • MSL Firecheck has passed BS 5852: 1990 for both natural and synthetic fibres.
  • MSL Firecheck passes BS 5867: part 2: 1980 on both natural and synthetic fibres.
  • Firecheck will last naturally for the useful life of the treated article. If it is subjected to heavy use, including scrapes or other damage, or if it comes into contact with water, we recommend a further application.
  • 2x 5ltr needed to cover 1 roll of 2mx50m roll of scrim.
£64.82 £54.02 ex VAT
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