Matrix PU Palm Fingerless Gloves Sz10/XL (Pair)

BM Polyco
Ref: GLI0191


Matrix PU Palm Fingerless Gloves Sz10/XL (Pair).

The Matrix Fingerless glove provides a range of features and benefits to the wearer, ensuring protection and dexterity.

The key features of this general handling glove include: COMFORT The seamless nylon liner offers comfort whilst the elasticated knitted wrist provides a secure fit.

DEXTERITY: The glove is close fitting with three open fingers for maximum dexterity, making it ideal for meticulous tasks that require care and precision.

FLEXIBILITY: The polyurethane palm coating is flexible ensuring good movement. GRIP The Matrix Fingerless ensures grip in both wet and dry conditions.

PROTECTION: The palm coating provides good abrasion and tear resistance, whilst the longer dip coating offers additional protection.

RECOMMENDED: USES Polyco recommends that the Matrix Fingerless can be used for the following: General Assembly, Light Metal Fabrication, Electronics, Joinery, Tiling, Ducting/Pipework and Plumbing.


  • Abrasion: 3.
  • Cut : 1.
  • Tear: 4.
  • Puncture: 1.
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