Laser Trak Single-Use Detectable Earplugs (100) SNR35

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Laser Trak Single-Use Detectable Earplug (100) SNR35

Honeywell’s Laser Trak Earplugs provide a smooth, incredibly comfortable and easily adaptable experience – meaning complete comfort whilst maintaining complete safety. What ultimately makes the Laserlite stand out from the crowd, is its self-adjusting, contoured t-shape polyurethane foam – smooth to the touch, easy insertion, and able to expand to fit virtually every wearer. Its vibrant colours don’t just make the earplugs interesting, funky and a talking point; they are visibly clear from a distance, ensuring for easy safety recognition in any environment. Impeccable quality throughout bundled with a soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin preventing dirt-build up.


  • A metal grommet on the earplug aids in metal detection, especially in process industries.

The earplugs that boast quality both in safety and practicality.

£34.67 £28.89 ex VAT
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