Gojo NXT 1000ml Dispenser

Ref: CSK0081


Gojo NXT 1000ml Dispenser.


  • Much smaller footprint than traditional 800ml dispensers, yet holds 1000ml of product
  • Compact design integrates into most décor
  • Ideal for applications with limited wall space or where decor or usage levels demand smaller dispensers

Refill Options

  • GJ2103-08 Gojo Mild Lotion Soap 1000ml
  • GJ2117-08 Gojo Deluxe Lotion Soap 1000ml
  • GJ2157-08 Gojo Antibac Lotion Soap Fragrance Free 1000ml
  • GJ2152-08 Gojo Spa Bath Body & Hair Shampoo 1000ml
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