EVOGuard® C4 MAX Industrial Visor (10 Pack)

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EVOGuard® C4 MAX Industrial Visor (10 PACK)

Fully compatible with EVOGuard® Browguard systems and *EVO® helmet models *Not including EVO®Vista™ or EVO®6100 ranges


  • A Impact Rating – High Energy Impact (190m/s) *when fitted to a compatible JSP EVO® helmet
  • B Impact Rating – Medium Energy Impact (120m/s) *when fitted to a compatible JSP EVOGuard® Browguard
  • T – High Speed Particles at Extreme Temperatures
  • 1 – Optical Class
  • 3 – Liquid droplets & splash
  • 9 – Molten Metals
  • K – Anti Scratch
  • N – Anti Mist
  • 2C – 1. 2 – UV Filter with Enhance Colour Recognition
  • Polycarbonate Clear Visor
  • Weight (g) – 216g

The optical class 1 visor offers a panoramic view with minimal distortion, ideal for comfortable all day wear.

EVOGuard® visors maximise compatibility with JSP half masks, disposable respirators, prescription glasses and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range.

Visor filters harmful UV radiation to protect the eyes whilst also offering high light transmission and enhanced colour recognition.

Five high performance visors offering up to A rated impact resistance when fitted to a safety helmet and fully compatible with EVOGuard® browguard for medium energy impact protection.

EVOGuard® visors provide comprehensive facial coverage without limiting movement. EVOGuard® MAX visors offer enhanced coverage with an integral chinguard.

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