Deb Skin Safety Cradle & Starter Pack

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Deb Skin Safety Cradle & Starter Pack.

Deb Skin Safety Cradle Starter Pack DCSP01PR. Contains the Skin Safety Cradle and one cartridge of each of the following products; Protective Cream, Waterless Hand Cleaner, Hand Sanitizer. Ideal for fitting in work vans, high traffic areas within the warehouse and workplace.


  • Protective cream – Multi-purpose, pre-work protective and reconditioning cream. Specially formulated to help repel water.
  • Waterless Hand Cleaner – Smooth lime hand cleaner that can be used without water. Easily wipes away with a paper towel, leaving no oily residue. Removes oil, grease, general dirt and grime.
  • Hand Sanitiser – Alcohol gel based instant skin sanitiser for the rapid and convenient disinfection of hands. Dries quickly on the skin and contains Pathenol to help condition the skin and prevent dryness.

Refills for pack are as follows; CSK0035, CSK036, CSK037.


Inc VAT: £58.74 Ex VAT: £48.95
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