Damp Proof Membrane Black 4mx25m 300mc

Inc VAT: £52.80 Ex VAT: £44.00 Ref: JSM0076


Damp Proof Membrane Black 4mx25m 300mc.

It acts as underlay medium before BRC and concrete. The Cosmo branded polyethylene film is manufactured and tested to the highest standards, with good mechanical strength, consistent quality and a resistance to puncture and perforation. Other unbranded products may not match this quality and consistency. It provides moisture and vapor barrier for use with slab on ground construction. It also gives a stronger and denser slab, prevents concrete wastage and slows the curing process. It resists attacks by acid or alkaline soils and does not deteriorate when it comes in contact with water.



Inc VAT: £52.80 Ex VAT: £44.00
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