AMPLSB60 Anti-Microbial Ultra Hygienic 600mm Squeegee

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AMPLSB60 Anti-Microbial Ultra Hygienic 600mm Squeegee.

All products in our Anti Microbial Range contain a silver based anti microbial ionic additive which has EFSA and FDA approval for food contact use. It is EPA registered and is notified on the European Biocidal Products Directive. The additive is in ALL the plastic and resin components of the Range. Independent laboratory tests have shown MRSA and E. Coli cultures in contact with plastic containing the additive were reduced in numbers by 98.9% – 99.99% over a period of 24 hours, while the cultures in the control samples without the additive grew significantly. The effectiveness of the additive will last the useful life of the product. Oil of any sort is likely to degrade the rubber blades in squeegees. The rubber in this squeegee is a special type, the best we can find that resists this attack, while not reducing elasticity and flexibility. However, where oil is likely to be in contact with the squeegee regularly, the user should do his own tests beforehand, to make sure the squeegee performs to expectations.


  • 24” Squeegee, single blade.
  • One piece over molded construction.
  • Anti bacterial plastic.
  • May be autoclaved at 273F/134C.
  • Purple only.
  • Six per case.
  • Oil resistant blade.
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