AMB770 Anti-Microbial Stiff 305mm Deck Scrub

Hills Brush
Ref: BHY056


AMB770 Anti-Microbial Stiff 305mm Deck Scrub.


  • 12” floor scrub
  • Very firm
  • Anti Microbial block and material
  • May be autoclaved at 273F/134C
  • Resin set as standard
  • Purple only
  • Four per case

All products in our Anti Microbial Range contain a silver based anti microbial ionic additive which has EFSA and FDA approval for food contact use. It is EPA registered and is notified on the European Biocidal Products Directive. The additive is in ALL the plastic and resin components of the Range. It inhibits the growth of molds, mildews and bacteria on the surface of the products that contain it. Independent laboratory tests (available on request) have shown MRSA and E. Coli cultures in contact with plastic containing the additive were reduced in numbers by 98.9% – 99.99% over a period of 24 hours. The effectiveness of the additive is not affected by other cleaning agents or by autoclaving, and will last the useful life of the product. The strength, effectiveness and durability of the products in this Range remain the same as in the rest of the ‘Salmon’ Hygiene Range. All the tufts in the brushes are secured with stainless steel staples AND epoxy resin as standard. The tufts are therefore doubly secured, making the chance of loss of any filaments almost negligible, and the tuft holes are filled in and sealed off, denying access to soil or moisture. So long as the products are kept clean with standard housekeeping practices, this Range is a very powerful tool in the armory of any hygiene manager for fighting the spread of harmful microscopic organisms.

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