Alphabloc™ 1M Red Space Saving Barrier

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Alphabloc™ 1M Red Red Space Saving Barrier.

Another revolutionary design from JSP, the Alphabloc™ space saving barrier is the first water-filled separation barrier system that can also be folded flat ready for storage and transportation. For these reasons the Alphabloc™ allows you to fit double the amount onto a truck and pallet when compared against standard barriers. The over all shipping, transporting and storing of the Alphabloc™ stands above all other barriers with regards to efficiency and cost.


  • Unique foldable design with strong durable hinge system.
  • Carry handle making it much easier for users.
  • Space saving design of the Alphabloc makes it perfect for warehouses/storage facilities.
  • Double the pallet quantity (40) when compared against the Roadbloc (20).
  • Less stacking height required.
  • Configuration – both flat and uneven surfaces.
  • Can be ballasted by filling with water on site.
  • Available for embossing, making them perfect for brand identity & expansion.
  • BV030-000-600.


£37.70 £31.42 ex VAT
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