700mm Colour Coded Ultra Hygienic Squeegee

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700mm Colour Coded Ultra Hygienic Squeegee.

Oil of any sort is likely to degrade the rubber blades in squeegees. The rubber in this squeegee is a special type, the best we can find that resists this attack, while not reducing elasticity and flexibility. However, where oil is likely to be in contact with the squeegee regularly, the user should do his own tests beforehand, to make sure the squeegee performs to expectations. Recommended handle, ALH27, ALH8.


  • 28” One piece single bladed squeegee.
  • •Integral plastic socket.
  • •Recommended handle ALH27, ALH8.
  • Seamless and easily cleaned.
  • •Durable, rot and rust proof.
  • Blue, green, red, white or yellow.
  • •Six per case.
  • •Oil resistant blade .
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