3M 8835 Valved Soft Seal FFP3V Dust/mist/metal Mask (Box/5)

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Ref: JMA2025


3M Premium Series Respirators offer enhanced performance and comfort due to a number of additional advanced features.

The 3M 8835 dust mask has a uniquely designed expanded filter area, combined with 3M high-performance filter material, to offer effective filtration with low breathing resistance.

3M 8355 breathing mask is marked ‘R’, meaning that these respirators can be used over more than one shift providing they have not become clogged and good hygiene practices are implemented.

3M Cool Flow Valve reduces heat build-up to offer comfortable protection, particularly in hot and humid conditions.

Provides respiratory protection against moderate levels of fine dusts, mists and metal fume.

£47.94 £39.95 ex VAT
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