3534 Granite 5® Beta Gloves (Pair)

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BM Polyco


3534 Granite 5® Beta (Pair).

Grain leather glove with reinforced Kevlarg seamless knitted liner. The Granite 5 Beta glove provides a range of features and benefits to the wearer, making it not only cut resistant but exceptionally strong.


  • QUALITY This is a superior quality grain leather glove with an elasticated wrist, reinforced thumb crotch, protective vein patch and an additional leather protection to the back of the cuff.
  • PROTECTION The seamless Kevlar liner provides high level 5 cut resistance and puncture resistance.
  • COMFORT The yarn of the Granite 5 Beta is made with a soft finish to prevent irritation and provide exceptional comfort to the wearer during long periods.
  • STRENGTH The double-stitched Kevlar thread is used throughout for maximum strength.
  • RECOMMENDED USES Polyco recommends that the Granite 5 Beta can be used for the following: Fire Fighting Services, Utilities and Automotive.
  • Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark.


  • EN388.
  • EN407.


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