Safety Helmets

Wide variety of hard hats and safety helmets. Conform to EN standards and CE certifications including; EN 166, EN 170 and EN 397. Micro peak, mid peak, wheel ratchet, slip ratchet and vented available. Hi-visibility and first aid stickers/decals available. World class brands including JSP, Portwest and Centurion Safety. Budget to superior options available. Next day delivery available. Free delivery on all orders over £100. Safety Helmets in stock and delivered at low prices.

Safety helmets are required in working environments where there is a risk of physical injury, particularly to the head, especially from falling hazards. Most commonly found within construction, power, mining and agricultural industries. Hard hats should absorb shock, resist penetration by objects, resist water, burn slowly and provide suitable adjustment options. High-performance industrial safety helmets are available for sectors such as mining where an increased level of protection is needed against shock absorption, sharp impact objects and vertical and lateral impacts.

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