Attachable Eye Protection

Attachable eye protection for safety helmets, mounted eye protection. Available in a variety of formats including visors and specs. Made from durable and resistant materials such as acetate or polycarb. Attachable visor carriers available also. From industry leading, world class suppliers including JSP and Portwest. Conforming to EN 166. Budget to premier options available. Next day delivery available. Bulk order discounts. Free delivery on all orders over £100. Attachable eye protection in stock and delivered at low prices.

Attachable eye protection offers protection on par with standard eye protection without impairing the abilities, standards and certifications of safety headwear. Attachable eye protection can be used to combat a wide range of hazards including chemical exposure protection, splash protection, particulate protection against biohazards, flying objects and granules. Eye and face protection can be used to prevent serious injuries, punctures, contusions and abrasions.

We are happy to provide “wearer trials” to compare any of your current attachable eye protection with potential purchases. For further help and consultation, or to discuss your needs with one of the team, please contact us via telephone or using our Online Live Chat function. We’re here to help!

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