An essential range of welding safety goggles, masks and visors available to provide maximum protection when in high risk environments. Welding PPE protects not only from heat, optical radiation and ultraviolet light exposure but also from electric arcs, sparks and debris. A wide range of products available from JSP, Uvex and Portwest. Cheap and premier options available. Next day delivery available. Free delivery on all orders over £100. Welding PPE in stock and delivered at low prices.

Airfed systems are available for environments with multi hazards including chemical vapours or particulate hazards. Welding goggles can be provided with flip up lenses. Can be worn over prescription spectacles. Can be provided with interchangeable lenses. Gas welding goggles available.

Welding PPE can be used in other required PPE items such as Safety Helmets, Ear Protection and Body Protection where necessary. Welding protection conforms to EN 166. For further help and consultation, or to discuss your needs with one of the team, please contact us via telephone or using our Online Live Chat function. We’re here to help!

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