Overshoes & Oversleeves

Disposable overshoes and oversleeves are available in a wide range of styles, colours and quality. From high quality disposable overshoes to cheap disposable overshoes and sleeves. Next day delivery available. Free delivery on orders over £100. Disposable overshoes and oversleeves in stock and delivered at low prices.

Overshoes and oversleeves can be used for a number of applications including demolition, asbestos removal, medical, industrial and food production purposes. Overshoes can also be used to protected carpets and floors from unwanted debris. Oversleeves are commonly used to prevent splash backs and unwanted debris.

Available in various colours for the food safety industry, to ensure the prevention of cross-contamination and reduce the risk of spreading germs. Available in anti-slip and tear resistant options for increased durability. Disposable overshoes come in a wide range of sizes suitable for all UK footwear sizes, ensuring maximum protection of shoes and carpets.

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