A wide range of dispensers available for disposable clothing & workwear. Efficient and cheap options available. Suitable for disposable gloves, disposable headwear, disposable masks and disposable footwear.  Cheap disposable clothing dispensers to premier disposable clothing dispensers. Next day delivery available. Free delivery on orders over £100. Dispensers in stock and delivered at low prices.

When using disposable protection equipment it is important to have the correct dispensing systems to ensure convenience and efficiency. This ensures minimal cross-contamination and ensures that the application of PPE is quick and easy. We have a wide range of dispensers which can be mounted in various environments including factories, warehouses, outside areas and general offices.

Disposable protection equipment can protect you from a wide range of hazards including exposure to splashes, spills, contaminated surfaces, or aerosols in the workplace which can lead to health issues and/or disease of the skin including contact dermatitis.

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