Disposable Protection Wear

Certain work environments require a higher level of protection from hazards such as chemicals, particulates, dust, dirt or grime. In these environments, where there is a risk workers will be exposed to these hazards, they need to be provided with all the PPE necessary. Many companies immediately think of  respiratory protection, ear protection etc. when selecting PPE but the right disposable protective clothing is very important. Exposure to splashes, spills, contaminated surfaces, or aerosols in the workplace can lead to health issues and/or diseases of the skin including contact dermatitis and even cancer. When workers are exposed to hazards on a daily basis, they need the right body wear to stay healthy, productive and be able to continue the job for years to come.
Jobs that require additional protection are:-

  • Labs, Food production, construction sites, chemical plants, paint and body shops
  • Hazardous waste clean-up and disposal, asbestos removal or pesticide application
  • Site survey, rescue, spill mitigation, emergency monitoring and decontamination

Much of the disposable PPE in this section is offered in arrange of colours so food factories can select them for use in different areas of a factory. Preventing contamination and cross-contamination is at the very heart of any food safety or HACCP programme.

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